What is the definition of Hydration?

August 11, 2017

What is the definition of Hydration?

Hydration - What is the definition of Hydration?

Many of us have heard the encouragement to hydrate!  Drink your H2O!!!  We've heard the recommendation to:

  • Drink eight (8) glasses of water per day OR you don't have to drink water just liquids with water in them; OR
  • You don't need to drink water until you feel thirsty OR if you wait till you feel thirsty… it's too late; OR
  • You can get all the water you need from fruits and veggies… you don't need to drink water at all!!; OR
  • There are so many toxins in water, you shouldn't drink it at all; and, of course, there are those of us that:
  • HATE the taste of water (doesn't count as a definition just a feeling!!)

However, none of the above comments are truly describing Hydration.  The dictionary definition of Hydration is "the process of causing something to absorb water."

Hydration is when the water particle permeates or gets through the cell membrane (hence absorbing like a sponge), enters inside the cell, and then flushes out pollutants from the cell.  (You might want to imagine the cell membrane as a tennis court net - more to come in the next blog!!!)

 In the same way that we use the commode each day, remove pollutants from our body, and flush them away, our cells need water that is pure, fresh, clean, and that contains a majority of water particles small enough to permeate the cell membrane to flush out pollutants from our cells and away from our bodies at least twice per day.

Energy Wellness Water utilizes cutting-edge technology which produces 100% water particle availability to our cells.

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