Constipation & Dehydration

April 27, 2018

Constipation & Dehydration

Constipation & Dehydration

Water provides so many benefits to our systems.  Depending on age, activity, and wellness, people are anywhere from between - 50% - 75% water. 

When matter leaves the small intestines and enters into the large intestines, the matter is liquid.  The large intestine's job is to remove water and eliminate the matter painlessly.  

If you are already dehydrated, then the matter that has moved into the large intestine already has low water content.  The large intestine removes every last drop of water and the matter becomes rigid, stony, unyielding causing you to be uncomfortable or in pain.  If a person is unable to pass and eats more, then the issue is exasperated and becomes more compact and more unyielding and more painful and could become more critical.

(Source: Your Body'sMany Cries for Water, F. Batmanghelidj, MD)
Becoming truly intracellularly hydrated using Energy Wellness Water has helped many folks move from a stagnated state to regularity, ease, and comfort. In fact, tied for #1 in feedback from clients is Constipation reduction or resolution..
How so? Because only 3% of the water we drink actually enters inside our cells. This means we're not really hydrated.

Energy Wellness Water, developed by a Physicist,  is a molecularly reengineered water that uses natural laws of the atoms and results in 100% intracellular hydration.  Please feel free to call with any questions.

Energy Wellness Water IS The Hydration Solution!

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