Concerned about Chemical or other types of Pollution to your body?

April 27, 2018

Concerned about Chemical or other types of Pollution to your body?

The definition of pollution is "the presence or introduction into the environment ( of our bodies [my additional words] ) of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects."


The work we do

Refilling printer cartridges with powdered printer ink, someone that works around a lot of chemicals such as auto mechanic or auto body repair, refineries, someone that works with paints and inks such as a painter or a printing company.  The list is endless and these are just some that come to mind as I write this.


Earth's Environment

Planes fly overhead and their exhaust falls to the Earth and on us and on the eventual food we and our pets consume.  Cars drive by expelling invisible pollutants.  All sorts of industry is happening every moment of each day all over the world involving fumes and chemicals and other substances.  Unfortunate circumstances such as large fires that burn neighborhoods filled with plastics that are burned and travel via smoke and into our lungs.



Another example might be what we consume including drinks, food and food-like substance, things we smoke, OTC and meds we take or inject contain chemicals.


How to Protect Ourselves

This is NOT meant to scare anyone just to educate.  Because the question is: How can we protect ourselves and eliminate these chemicals from our body?  One answer is to flush out these pollutants from inside of our cells.  And that comes from intracellular hydration.

Only 3% of the water we drink ( no matter what form… i.e. vortexing, alkalinizing, distilling, etc. ) actually enters our cells and provides intracellular hydration.  This is not enough to remove pollutants which have created a waste-water environment marinating within our cells.

Why does this matter?  Because when our immune system becomes compromised, these opportunistic pollutants rear their ugly heads and we experience a cascade of very serious lack of wellness ailments. 

In the same way that we use the restroom every day to expel pollutants from our body and flush them away, our cells need intracellular hydration a minimum of two times per day to remove pollutants and flush them away.

Energy Wellness Water, developed by a Physicist,  is a molecularly reengineered water that uses the natural laws of the atoms that make up the water molecule and results in 100% intracellular hydration.  By using this amazing hydration solution, we are able to remove the pollutants within our cells and move our body towards an alkaline state.  Energy Wellness Water IS THE Hydration Solution!

I implore you to love yourself and your loved ones enough to invest in yourselves and start the process of flushing out your cells and remove the pollutants!

Good Energy To You!




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