Gout & Dehydration

October 27, 2017

Gout & Dehydration

Gout and Dehydration

Gout is when uric acids build up in your body.  Most people suffer incredible pain usually in the big toe, although, any joint in the body could be affected.  There are a number of natural remedies to help resolve Gout once it starts.  After root cause analysis and identification, one would hopefully be able to find a way to avoid gout which results from high levels of purine. 

A very useful tool is water.  Staying hydrated helps flush out the uric acid crystal build up that currently exists and might assist with resolving the purine build up.  However any water we drink only provides 3% true hydration.

Energy Wellness Water assists by providing 100% intracellular hydration.  As it enters inside the cells, it flushes out pollutants that marinate within (Similar to when you use the commode every day eliminate pollutants and then flush them away!)  One bottle of EWW produces 33+ gallons of mixed water which is what you ingest.  Give me a call if you have any questions!

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