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A world renown Physicist wondered why all of his clients suffered from intracellular dehydration.  Dehydration is either a major component in many illnesses and/or is a symptom that results from many illnesses.

He started researching water from all over the world.  He had samples sent to him from places that people flocked to because they felt they’d get healed.  The only difference he could find in all the samples of water were local situations.  For instance, there might be a mineral that was present in the particular area where the water came from.

After years of research he finally realized that the reason for intracellular dehydration is because 97% of the individual H20 molecules are too large to enter through the cell membrane.  He created a laser and used the natural laws of the H2O molecule against itself to cause the molecule to reassemble itself small enough at .04 nanometers to enter through the cell membrane.  Energy Wellness water was born.

Why does this matter?  Because years of taking advice to drink water so we can be hydrated, really has resulted in irrigation.  We need to irrigate as well.  However, true hydration cannot occur unless water enters into the cell wall and begins exciting the mitochondria AND expelling pollutants.  Energy Wellness Water IS the Hydration Solution… it is the beginning of the end of dehydration.

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